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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 17, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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a mirror? what is a selfy? >> a picture. >> this is supposed to be a smart phone. it is not that smart. i want my flip phone back. jillian: that is great. the phone fail going viral. >> one of trump's attorney saying the special counsel will not try to indict the president. >> they can't subpoena him, trying to end this, this is not good for the american people. >> explain how the fbi opened an unconventional operation into the trump campaign. >> fbi and senior doj officials said about our plot to frame donald trump and the people -- >> meeting with city and state leaders out of california fighting the sanctuary law. >> it is a crisis. >> is relaunching more airstrikes hitting 7 hamas
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terror targets in gaza. >> it is driving the internet crazy. >> we are sitting in front of windsor castle eagerly awaiting to see if they can join the royal family. ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ my life ♪ >> usually we have a picture of washington dc or new york in their. >> i feel very british. >> in the center square today. >> that is where ainsley ehrhardt is. it is 5 hours later, like, 11:00 am. >> i woke up and it was daylight. it is so exciting. behind me, windsor castle, where
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>> her background, her dad. her dad got caught staging those paparazzi pictures. her brother was arrested in january for grabbing a gun and putting up against the head of his girlfriend. her half sister writing a book called the diary of princess pushy's sister. so harry was quoted as saying he is going to give her the family that she never had. so as an american, it's pretty cool to drive through windsor and know this other american is coming here to join the royal family. so, we're here, lots of other people are here as well. streets, people are camped out on the streets. they have their foldable chairs. they have posters. they have all of their british flags hanging up. all of the houses are decorated with the british flags. it's very exciting and everyone is thrilled to be here. the weather, gosh, you can't beat this, it's 0 degrees
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today. steve: fantastic. abby: we are jealous. i have been following your adorable instagram photos, giving us a tour of the town. give us a sense of what is coming up on the show today. >> so we were with nigel farage yesterday. he took us around loan done so we could see all the famous site the churchill war rooms the london eye, westminster abby. he will take us on a tour of his favorite pub when he is in parliament and they vote. they used to you go there and drink and the bell would ring to tell them to go back in to vote. he is going to take us on the tour. how to become a brit because meghan has to learn a lot as she is joining the royal family. we got fitted for hats. very special day yesterday and we will show it to you. steve hilton will be here as well. >> this is a big thursday on "fox & friends." >> we cannot wait. all right, ainsley, thank you very much. that sounds great. abby: brian, i feel like you would be a terrible brit.
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brian: that's true. they have rejected. me. that's why i have fought so hard for my freedom. steve: from where? brian: from the mother land. and the mother ship back together. >> let's talk about the mueller probe because it's been nine seconds and we haven't yet. rudy giuliani was with laura ingraham last night and joining us again today. at which time he is basically telling robert mueller, among other things, before i sit down with you, tell me what you have. tell us what you need and tell us why it's necessary for you to sit down with the president. you have at this for year. i know corey lewandowski saying the same thing as rudy for the first time on a consistent basis the trump administration is on offense. they are basically saying it's been a year. got to spend almost $20 million. including huge salaries and office space, end this thing now and before i sit down, let me know what you need. i think if i'm president trump, i feel good about that. >> that's their strategy to say hey, come on, robert
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mueller, it has been a year. but here's the important thing. where is this going to go? we don't know there have been predictions that he would wrap up his investigation by early summer. now they are bringing in other people to reinterview them. they are also having some witnesses come and sit before a grand jury. but ultimately what it comes down to is will the special counsel do anything regarding the president of the united states and rudy made it very clear. he said exactly what we have been saying on this program, it's a long standing department of justice guideline. you cannot indict a sitting president. you can impeach him, but that's the house of representatives. all robert mueller could do is send a report to the house. listen. >> the same reason they can't indict him. they can't issue a subpoena to him. remember, clinton opposed the subpoena. and then he voluntarily complied. he didn't give up presidential prerogative. and then if the administration wrote a memo saying they can't do that. >> i think they have the facts from which they can
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write their report. if you can write a fair report, fine, write it. if you will write a unfair report write it and we'll combat it we are ready to rip it apart. abby: that was huge news yesterday and totally changes as least as of now the narrative of this investigation at the same time as you mentioned you have this huge "new york times" story that broke yesterday. talking about ultimately the beginning days before the election even began. brian: crossfire hurricane. abby: spying that took place they called it eavesdrops. ig report came out. they said this is the "new york times" way of trying to soften the blow of what will ultimately be revealed. brian: andy mccarthy one of the finest prosecutors around who speaks in a way most of us can understand, is he going to be talking about the informant. kind of burying this story that might have been nestled in to the trump campaign to find out additional information. they outlined the whole project around 4 trump campaign workers. one was mike flynn. one is carter page, one is
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papadopoulos, and i forgot hot fourth was. they just look at these four. carter page emerges as the most interesting. they pursue that direction. who was the informant inside the trump campaign? i'm going to see what andrew mccarthy thinks about that. abby: we have rudy giuliani on in the 7:00 hour brian bine by the way manafort was the fourth. abby: i knew you would get it at some point, brian. we have giuliani on. it will be interesting to hear what he has to say this morning. big day in washington. an issue is he very passionate about. talking about sanctuary cities. he invited a bunch of local officials that are fighting sanctuary cities there in california to sort of speak at this round table as you can see and give their perspective of how they are feeling things are going in that state and you listen to some of them. one a local mayor of a town talks about being an illegal himself and how they feel more unsafe than they ever have and how if anything sanctuary cities are taking away people's ability to live the american dream. steve: that immigrant you
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are referring to is one of the people included in this montage that we are watching right here. >> thank you, mr. president. i'm a proud immigrant here from lebanon. >> i came here to live the american dream and we did well. jerry brown wants to take this american dream from us. when jerry brown cares more about illegal criminals than he cares about the hispanic community and the american citizens, this is insanity and this is unconstitutional. when i swore to be a citizen and again as mayor, i swore to defend the constitution and to keep my community safe. this is personal to me. >> i'm sitting here in this room in awe of god's power, how he can take someone who was homeless in a tent, make them the mayor in the city, and bring them before the president of the united states of america who wants to hear the cry of our people and that's what's going on. >> our people are the ones
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hurting. >> i have been in office in california for five years. not once has governor brown invited any republicans to discuss this issue in california. and it is a crisis. that's the point we are at in california is a crisis. steve: right. remember, president trump's department of justice is suing the state of california over their sanctuary city law that essentially has made the entire state a sanctuary state. jerry brown himself, the governor, tweeted this out regarding the round table he said president trump is lying on immigration, lying about crime, and lying about the laws of california. flying in a dozen republican politicians to flatter him and praise his reckless policies changes nothing. we, the citizens of the fifth largest economy in the world are not impressed. brian: there is at lo of towns joining a lawsuit suing governor brown without president trump's support. the federal government behind it but they were doing it because of it and because of his policies. they also called out the president for using the term animals. he wasn't talking about illegal immigrants being animals he was talking about
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ms-13. he also baited governor brown. he said i understand is he out thereof soon. i also understanding he might run for president. please run for president, i would love to run against you. abby: wouldn't that be interesting? what the president really doing giving these people a voice. letting them speak. it's their state, too. they may not be governor but they certainly have a right to speak their mind and hopefully have an impact on the laws that continue to be passed there. a lot going on today. let's go over to jillian for some headline us. jillian: good thursday morning to you guys and to you at home as well. overnight tensions escalating on the israeli-gaza border. israel launching more airstrikes hitting seven targets in gaza. the attacks in response to machine gun's fire across the border that hit homes in stair wrote. the bullets lodged into windows. nobody though was hurt. fiery explosion rocking a gas plant in oklahoma overnight. look at incredible video shows the flames and plumes of smoke that could be seen for miles.
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at least 75 employees were inside the plants at the time but no one was hurt. investigators believe something inside overheated sparking the blast. president trump's pick to lead the cia now headed to a full senate confirmation vote. the senate intelligence committee approving gina haspel's nomination after grilling her over the agency's enhanced interrogation practice. she is expected to win nomination as five democrats now publicly support her nomination. the vote could happen as early as today. and first lady melania trump giving personal update on her health. tweeting a sincere thank you to walter reed medical unit and all who have cents good wishes and prayers. i'm feeling great and looking forward to getting back home to the white house soon. she underwent to procedure monday to treat a benign kidney position. thoughts and prayers. steve: sounds like she will be coming home in the next day or two. brian: that was one thing that didn't leak out. she with no idea she was
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going to the hospital. i didn't hear any rumors about it next thing you know she is in the hospital. abby: that's a good point. one of the few things that hasn't been leaked out. steve: no kidding. meanwhile, straight ahead on this thursday the "new york times" has posted this headline will thor begins of the trump administration code name crossfire hurricane. but they may have buried the lead. did they just confirm that james comey's fbi spied on the trump campaign? we're going to talk about that. abby: plus this college graduate is going out with a bang posing with her rifle on campus. you can see it right there. the message, come and take it she is going to join us live later on in the show ♪ this time, baby, i will bullet proof ♪
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brian: get. this take a element no. the "new york times" posting this report aboutor gyps of the trump administration but in many cases i feel as though they buried the lead. did they actually confirm that james comey's fbi spied on the trump campaign with an embed informant this is from the article one government informant met several times with mr. page and mr. papadopoulos current and former officials said that is becoming a politically contentious point and many of president trump's allies whether the fbi was spying on the trump trup
3:17 am
campaign or tryin try entrap campaign officials. editor of the national review and hopefully a fox news contributor soon, andy first off, am i wrong or are we wrong to point out this line buried in the middle of the story at least one government informant met several times with page and papadopoulos? did they actually put someone under cover to try to bring these guys out? >> they did, brian. i have written a couple of columns in the last week or so pointing out that there is probably no doubt that they had at least one confidential informant in the campaign and going carefully through the strzok and page text to show that they obviously opened an investigation late july, early august of 2016 in which they met with at least someone from a foreign government in connection with an investigation -- with this investigation in england.
3:18 am
what we now know from the "times" article that's all true, but the lead that they buried the word that you almost never see in the "times" 4,000 whatever word it is counter intelligence. what happened here is they did not have a criminal predicate to open an investigation on trump as they had an immense predicate to conduct on president clinton. they used powers covertly to investigate the trump campaign during the stretch run of the campaign under circumstances where they did not have evidence that anyone had actually committed a crime. brian: so, counter intelligence is a word they conveniently left out. >> they keep telling you in the investigation what they want you to come away with is they were very public about the investigation of clinton but they kept the trump thing hush-hush. the trump thing was a
3:19 am
counter intelligence investigation. it's classified. if they had been speaking about it, they would have been committing a crime. now, it's perfectly appropriate to criticize the fbi for going public with their evidence against mrs. clinton under circumstances where they didn't charge her, you are not supposed to speak if you don't charge. that has goin nothing to do wher they are allowed to talk about a counter intelligence investigation. what people need to look here at is they didn't have a criminal predicate to investigate the people in the trump campaign they did and they used their counter intelligence powers as a pretext to investigate the trump campaign in hope of making a criminal case. brian: and they tried to paint it as they are being so measured and if anything they were leaning towards the trump campaign. they didn't want to bring anything out. and they could have been more aggressive. do you come to the same conclusion? >> no. i think if you want it to be measured here, what you say is we have a lot of evidence here that russia is trying
3:20 am
to interfere with the campaign and, therefore, we should be very aggressive investigating russia, which, evidently they weren't. but we have virtually no evidence here tying the trump campaign to any espionage by russia so we should be measured and hands off until that kind of evidence develops and i don't think it ever did. brian: the i.g report is coming out does that have everything to do with why this came out today? >> i wouldn't say they are unrelated but i think there are probably a lot of reasons why this came out. brian: they are looking to get their story out ahead of time like lisa page may be resign you had ahead of time before this came out so she doesn't get fired, perhaps like andy mccabe. fascinating what's going to be coming down. i hope people are paying attention. andy mccarthy, thanks so much for breaking it down for us. >> thanks, brian. brian: this college graduate is going out with a bang posing with rifle on message the message is basically come and take it she will
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abby: good morning. welcome back with quick headlines for you. the senate voting to keep obama era net neutrality rules. blocking sites and charming customers more for certain content. the trump administration calls it overregulation. the bill is unlikely to survive in the house. but, one bill that has passed the house, a measure to stephan penalties for anyone who attacks police. to protect and serve act of 2018 would make intentionally assaulting an officer carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison. if the officer dies or is kidnapped that's life in prison. senators are mulling their
3:25 am
own version of that bill. steve, take it away. steve: thanks, abby. college grad right there going out with a bang. kent state graduate caitlin bennett posing for photos on campus with an ar-10 rifle and her cap which read come and take it she tweeted the photo saying now that i graduated from kent state, i can finally arm myself on campus. i should have been able to do so as a student, especially since four unarmed students were shot and killed by the government on this campus. #campus carry now. well, the photo went viral online and kent state university graduate kaitlin bennett joins us now from canton. >> thanks for having me. steve: why did you want to take a picture? >> i the policies kent state has regarding arming the students. it was unacceptable for them to let guests carry but not students. it doesn't make sense to me.
3:26 am
steve: according to kent state website the university has rules against students, faculty and staff carrying any deadly weapons. what's your problem with that? >> my problem is that it's kind of insinuating that they care more about the lives of their guests than the lives of their students that spend four or more years on that campus. if guests can arm and protect themselves, i should be able to as well. steve: i know have you graduated so this is just a hypothetical question. why did you want to carry a gun on campus? >> simply to express my second amendment right. also i'm the founder of a club on kent state campus liberty hangout. and we were doing an event where we just opened a discussion to people to come talk to us about gun rights. and my cameraman got assault you had. if we had a firearm present on us, open carry, i definitely believe that wouldn't have happened.
3:27 am
steve: what's the reaction been like? >> it's been crazy. i was not expecting the blatant racism that's been thrown at me. the right out death threats. steve: what kind of racism? >> so they are saying that i have white privilege for going out on campus with my ar-10. they are saying this all has to do with me being white that i was able to do this. i think that's very insulting to minorities. i don't think that anything bad would happen to them. i actually had a black police officer with me the whole time that was just -- he loved it. so, you know, it's just insulting. steve: so the reason you did not get in trouble where you are carrying that ar-10 is because you had graduated the day before. had you been a student, you would have, what, been arrested or gotten a talking to? >> yeah. so i would have been going against student conducts and i can't even imagine what would have happened to me.
3:28 am
steve: so the online reaction, that percentage has been positive and what percentage has called you the world's worst person? >> it's so hard to say because, you know, there is a tweet going around about, you know, me being a school shooter with 500,000 likes on it but, you know, like i said, my inbox is blowing up. i don't know how many messages i have but, you know, i would say most of it is good. steve: would you do it again? >> i would do it again and i wish that i could do it with a fully automatic machine gun and i think those should be legal and if i could, i would absolutely do it again. steve: caitlin, what are you going to do now that you graduated? >> well, luckily because of all of this media attention blue target firearms in ohio reached out to me and offered me a job. i think that's amazing. i'm going to continue my political activism on campus since i will be living in the area. but this time i will be able to be armed. steve: look at that she just
3:29 am
graduated from kent state. caitlin bennett. thank you very much for sharing your story today. >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that? email us at or tweet us or facebook us. remember this ad we showed you yesterday? >> we have our bus tour ready to go, but it's not going to be one of those pansy political bus tours. we have the deportation bulls. steve: we showed you that yesterday and that's when youtube called that ad hate speech and took it down. this morning, the candidate firing back. and it's the audio clip driving the internet and all of us crazy. >> laurel. laurel. laurel. steve: i still hear laurel but a lot of you listening right now heard yanny. the people who created it suddenly the debate once and for all. you are going to want to hear that happy birthday to bob sago saget.
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abby: there is in audio clip tearing the internet apart. >> laurel, laurel. abby: i hear laurel as well. who hears yanny. our producer just said yanny. >> laurel. abby: it is completely divided. steve: the control room all hears yanny. >> need new speakers in there? steve: number one trending in the world on the internet. we all hear laurel. abby: the debate that divided the internet has finally been settled by those who created it. there was a guest on schwartz cough. is that live in the morning at 5:00. abby: supposed to be live. here is what they had to say about this whole confusion. take a listen. >> think about the visual
3:34 am
analogy, okay? there are optical allusions the famous one where you either say a vase or two vases facing each other. it's one or the other. like with the vase or two faces and sometimes you can can't control it. your brain takes over. and it makes you go in one direction or the other. in fact you can signal and lower the whole frequency and it will be much more yanny like. if you raise the frequency it will be much more laurel. it happens to be that sweet spot where it's ambiguous and it's about half and half. steve: scientists say it depends on which one you hear depends on the frequencies that your brain emphasizes. now we know the back story. it was one week ago today that katie heights zell a freshman in georgia was working on vocab words. she went online and she wanted to play back on the word
3:35 am
laurel. so she pushes the button and instead of laurel she hears yanny. she called over some classmates and they said well, i hear laurel. i hear yanny. everybody heard something differential. she posted it to her instagram story. it has gone completely viral. nonetheless, it also depends the experts say on what you hear it on it could be the speakers or head phones. abby: i heard it could be your age. other students are taking credit. they said they are the first ones that ultimately. brian: when was that clip from the 5:00 a.m. show? steve: yeah. brian: you know the rule if we use any of jillian's clips, 20 bucks. jillian: oh. gladly. i will buy coffee. steve: is it $20 per clip? the show open had about 10 clips. brian: did we use any of jillians? jillian: okay. thank you. i can place coffee in for
3:36 am
everybody. brian: i have to go in and make a withdraw. while you are reading. jillian: make sure you are aware of, this man ambushes police officers spraying bullets through the air with an assault rifle. the tense moments caught on surveillance video in indiana. screams and gunshots also heard on an officer's body camera. [screams] [gunfire] police say gunman berry freeman killed his neighbor and waited to ambush them. freeman was shot and killed by a swat officer. remember this campaign ad we showed you yesterday from a republican running for governor of georgia? >> we have got the deportation bus. we're going to implement my 287 g deportation plan that's going to fill this bus with illegals to send them back where they came from. jillian: youtube thought that was hate speech and briefly took it down.
3:37 am
the candidate state senator michael williams says it's another example of a liberal company shutting down conservative thoughts. >> we have supporters not just here in georgia but all over the country. people that love the first amendment that love our conservative values. they reached out to youtube and said put that video back up and they caved and put it back up. jillian: a youtube spokesperson tells fox news, quote: with the massive volume of videos an our platform sometimes we make the wrong call on content that is flagged by our community. a school board member facing calls to resign after dash cam video shows her in a confrontation with a cop after getting pulled over for speeding even making what some are saying racist remarks at him. listen. >> i'm on the school board. i'm a community member of this town. i'm sorry if i was speeding. >> yes, you were speeding that's why i'm stopping you. you were doing 37 in a 25. >> and i'm scared of cops because you guys hurt black people. >> ma'am the ticket is
3:38 am
already written. >> i will call cnn. >> that's fine. you are welcome to do that, ma'am. >> stefanie lawson mohammed sits on the south orange and maple wood board of. a prominent african-american group in the town is calling for her to step down and apologize to that officer. so far no response from mohammed. shaquille o'neil just couldn't resist lifting judge jude off her feet for this photo op. the nba legend towering over the 51 tv judge at the miami marlins game. judge with the big air. she also got to throw out the first pitch. that's pretty cool. i think i'm the only one $40 richer. so i will take it. abby: i would like a latte, please. jillian: anyone else? janice, steve, brian? brian: you don't have to put
3:39 am
iputit to coffee. you could save it. abby: it's raining outside,. janice: i'm sorry. it's going to be like this for the weekend. 57 in new york. it's going to be raining on and off. we have this trough in place and a lot of moisture working its way in from the gulf the southeast, the northeast. not only today but friday and into saturday. i know, at least our lawns are going to look really good. we could see the potential for flooding and preakness is saturday. it could be another mudder for justify which is the seventh horse come out of gate like it was in kentucky. there are your flood advisories for baltimore back through the southeast. the severe threat today across the high plains and then that's going to expand into the central u.s. a quick look at your forecast today and then i want to bring you to london, england where they have beautiful conditions today for ainsley who is going to be reporting live. look at saturday. 70 for the royal wedding. brian: right.
3:40 am
which is indoors. janice: incredible. they should make it outdoors. abby: i think the weather follows ainsley. brian: meg gab markle's dad definitely not coming. he made the decision. steve: he had heart surgery yesterday. abby: we have real update on that story. brian: i got it from my watch. steve: really, what time is it? brian: can i barely see the time on this thing it's got so much on it if alittle bit later if we use the clip i will pay you. robert mueller's russia probe. i don't know if he has been probing this thing. is it time to wrap it up. the judge is on deck. sometimes he stands. sometimes he walks. he is going to say something that will surprise you and then he will laugh. abby: royal wedding rehearsal is getting underway right now. what does it take to become a british royal? i know brian is wanting to know. ainsley is live in england. she is up live next with all
3:41 am
of that. ainsley: yes. we got here early this morning. and there weren't too many people out on the street but then sandra just arrived and we were talking downstairs and she said you can't even move. i had to walk half a mile to get here because the crowds are -- there are so many people out on the streets. they are practicing for the carriage procession. after the wedding prince harry and meghan markle will get in the carriage and ride through the streets here in windsor. very exciting. lots of people are coming to watch. talk about that coming up. and talk about the fact that her dad won't be here. she just released a statement and have nigel farage coming up live so stay with us. ♪ ♪
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3:44 am
the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. brian: quick headlines right now and i hope you are chrised. a new weapon in the fight against opioid addiction. the f.d.a. approving the first non-opioid drug to treat agonizing opioid withdraw sensations called
3:45 am
lucemyra. -- right. laurel. is expected to be available in the u.s. in august. and it's now safe to eat romaine lettuce after deadly e.coli outbreak swept the nation. the cdc saying the contaminated greens from a arm in yuma, arizona are no longer available in restaurants and stores that's bad news for romaine. e.coli outbreak sickening people. it's been a year since robert mueller was appointed special counsel. president trump says it's about time for him to wrap up the investigation. >> mueller should now bring this to a close. it's been a year he has gotten 1.4 million documents. he has interviewed 28 witnesses. he has nothing. they have the facts from which they can write their report. if you are going to write a fair report, fine, write it if you are going to write a
3:46 am
unfair report write it and we'll combat it we are ready to rip it apart. abby: hear to weigh in fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge: it's been more than a year. he was appointed a year ago today. the investigation began in october of 16. so we're close to approaching two years on this. abby: unbelievable. what do you make probably the biggest news from yesterday coming from giuliani and trump's legal team that he will not be indicted? >> i don't know what bob mueller told rudy giuliani but there are actually two memos and the doj one says the president can be indicted and the other says the president cannot be indicted. when bill clinton pleaded guilty to lying under oath, they waived in front of him an indictment saying do you want us to bring this to a grand jury he said no, i will plead to an information. an information looks like an indictment but it doesn't involve the grand jury and it means the defendant agreed to it. so when general flynn and george papadopoulos and alexander pleaded guilty to
3:47 am
their crimes it was through an information that didn't involve a grand jury. can they do that with the president? they did it with bill clinton. steve: giuliani says the mueller team says, you know, long standing department of justice guidelines say you cannot indict sitting president. he has to be impeached first. and that's a political by the house of representatives. >> correct. correct that it is a political decision by the house u right now the house is controlled by republicans. that may stay the same after november or it may change. but there is another doj memo as i mentioned to you, they are both circa clinton. they are both late 90s that says the president can be indicted but not prosecuted until after he leaves office. you might have to indict him to stop the run flght statute of limitations. the time period during which the prosecution must commence or be waived. brian: so do you think this offense will be effective where corey lewandowski, rudy giuliani, everybody, i'm sure jay sekulow because
3:48 am
pushing the same thing, wrap it up, wrap it up, wrap it up and get the public pressure to put scrutiny on this endless investigation? >> they are all friends of mine. and i have known them for years, corey, jay, and the mayor. i profoundly disagree. if dagen mcdowell were here she would say you don't taunt an alligator until after you cross the stream. prosecutors can really make your life miserable. i would argue with them in private i would show them what evidence we had in private. i would challenge their evidence in private. i wouldn't challenge them in public because have you got to be careful what you ask for. brian: public could put the pressure to stop this thing. judge: these guys don't care. their job is to do the right thing no matter what the public thinks. steve: you mentioned the mayor and coming up on "fox & friends" we have got rudy giuliani, kellyanne conway and mike huckabee all live. thanks, judge. >> pleasure. brian: what does it take to become a british royal? ainsley found out and she has got the right stuff. ♪ ♪ blunk
3:49 am
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abby: it's all about the royal wedding. american actress meghan markle is about to join the british royal family. brian: what does it take to become a royal british person? steve: let's go live to he can gland right now to ainsley who also has the latest on meghan markle put out a memo, ainsley. >> ainsley: yeah, some people have been wondering whether or not her dad was going to walk her down the aisle. she just sent out this statement sadly my father will not be attending our wedding. i have always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to focus on his health. i would like to thank everyone who has offered generous messages and support. please know how much harry and i look forward to sharing our special day with you on saturday. her mother, according to the local papers will be walking her down the aisle.
3:53 am
there are pictures of her mother getting on the plane and/or leaving for the airport in l.a. and flying here. meghan has a lot to learn. she will now be part of the royal family. two years ago they met and in two days she becomes royal. it's a whole new culture. we went out yesterday to learn how to become a brit. ♪ ainsley: hi, mr. love. andrew love. nice to see you. what a pleasure. should we go have tea together? >> i would love. to say. ainsley: thank you. >> i suggest you sit back here. ainsley: back here? thank you. how beautiful. this is standard setting for our afternoon tea. sand witches, scones, pastries. ainsley: now it's tea time? >> yes. >> would you like to have milk with your tea? >> sure. whatever you recommend. >> according to taste. from the old days.
3:54 am
so fine. to pour it straight would crack the cup. a little milk supposed to go in first. yes, that's the main reason. so is there a proper way for me to do this? >> some people raise their pinky but generally speaking, those days are gone. ainsley: i like that. i'm going to bring it back. enjoy having you. sorry i have to rush. >> thank you. ainsley: david in here? highhi, david. nice to see you. you are the spokesperson for buckingham palace. is that right? is that your sninchts it was, yes. >> how many years. >> 20 years working in the royal household. ainsley: tell us what an american who marry into the royal family what she can expect? what will she have to learn? will she go through an he had cat training class? how will she greet the queen.
3:55 am
>> men's of the public meet the royal family, including her majesty the queen, i think people would be surprised the lack of protocol, the queen meeting marilyn monroe. madonna courtesiying after asking whether or not she should curtsy. >> what's the wrong way to greet the queen. >> there is no wrong way. if you wish to shake the queen's hand that's totally acceptable. >> mr. philip tracy the famous hat designer. tell us what these wonderfully talented ladies are doing right now. >> hats various events from royal, to various weddings including the royal wedding. we work with some of the most talented and inspirational iconic people in the world from designers to entertainers, madonna. super bowl, lady gaga. harry potter. ainsley: do you mind taking me back and show me how to properly wear a hat. >> every hat is completely different feeling. ainsley: i love the little
3:56 am
vale. isn't that just exquisite? thank you so much. you make women feel so beautiful. i understand have you some things have you designed for me and i can't wait to see what it is. that is mr. philip tracy. look at this hat. he designs hats for so many people that are going to be at the wedding that have been at past weddings. we went to his shop. he is so talented. is he from ireland. he loves american tv. >> he says fox news is always welcome in my stowdio. we went in and aren't those hats just spectacular? steve: that's something. ainsley: the one on your head is about the most beautiful hat i have ever seen. ainsley: thank you so much. steve: from now on we will call you lady ainsley. brian: does it have a strap. ainsley: i want to be princess ainsley. we are all here saying this is her life.
3:57 am
she is so lucky. nigel farage will be with us, too. ainsley: you look gorgeous. coming up, rudy giuliani says mueller's team will not indict president trump. what happens now? he is going to join us at the top of the hour. stay right there. family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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4:00 am
at least one confidential informant in the campaign. >> at the white house, president trump met with city, county, and state leaders from california, fighting the state's sanctuary law. >> it is a crisis. that's the point we are at in california is the crisis. >> israel launching more airstrikes hitting seven
4:01 am
hamas terror targets in gaza. >> i wish i were in windsor that's where ainsley earhardt is with an amazing assignment covering the royal wedding. ainsley: so exciting behind the windsor castle. ♪ ♪ ride in a chevrolet ♪ it's the thrill. steve: it is america's number one cable news show and you are watching it right now. welcome aboard the 7:00 hour of "fox & friends." ainsley is in england and abby is in her place. abby: learning how to drink tea the proper way. she is passing me all her tips when she gets home. brian: find out if she likes warm beer. they don't refrigerate things over there. steve: they started refridge rating. brian: england discovered frefreefreeon thanks for joining
4:02 am
us. >> nice to be with you as always. brian: first off on some of the things i revealed last night. when you were sitting down with robert mueller and others he made it clear to you it was robert mueller when he said we don't believe we can indict a sitting president. was he trying to get your guard down as if what are you afraid of, guys? just bring him in? >> i don't think so. it came up this way. i asked him specifically if they realized or acknowledged they didn't have the power to indict. both under the justice department memo, which gives them their power, in essence confines their power and under the constitution. he said well, he wouldn't answer. and one of his assistants said they acknowledged they had to be bound by justice department policies. then the next day or the day after, they clarified it for jay sekulow who was with me at the meeting that they didn't have the power to indict, that what they would eventually do is write a
4:03 am
memorandum and give it to the deputy attorney general rosenstein. and we never got to the issue of subpoena. i think he had raised that earlier with john dowd, but it didn't come up with me. we are pretty comfortable that in the circumstances of this case, they wouldn't be able to subpoena him personally. brian: really? >> well, there is no supreme court decision that really is right on point. there are several decisions around it for example, they could probably require documents to be produced. that's what was required of nixon. and we have produced 1.4 million documents. they could probably require to you testify in a civil case. possibly even as a witness in a criminal case. but they can't require to you testify in what would be your own case because, after all, it's all about a possible impeachment, impeachment has to come before indictment. and that's a law not just in the united states, that's the law that governs most heads of state in the world.
4:04 am
steve: so, essentially, your team is saying hey, mr. mueller, you cannot subpoena him to get him to come and talk to you because that would violate article 2 of the constitution and executive privilege so it's a no, right? >> well, also, it would violate the justice department policies and he is specifically appointed under those policies. he has to follow those. so we could go to court and challenge anything that he did that was violative of those policies. he is being challenged by manafort, it looks like successfully, to produce his authorization to indict manafort. that's not clear that he hasn't. so i i don't think he wants to battle with us over that there is a narrow set of circumstances. have you got to understand the president wants to testify, wants to give his side of the case which he believes is the truthful one. he keeps saying to me i never talked to any russians. i had nothing to do with any russians. what is this nonsense about russians and about obstruction of justice what he says very simply is i'm
4:05 am
just expressing my opinion. i can't say that comey is doing a bad job. i'm obstructing justice. if i decide the director of the fbi is doing a bad job. that's ridiculous. so, he wants to express that now, on mueller's side, everything he says, they believe they can examine his motives. so, if they had an open mind, we would be inclined maybe to let our client do what he wants to do. abby: what do you think happens to james comey. have you been critical of him about leaking memos. you say he needs to be personally investigated. where do you think that goes? >> i don't know how can you fire fbi agents for leaking less sensitive things and not fire him for leaking a memo that he has variously classified as an fbi document. his own personal document. first of all, nothing is his personal document when he is director of the fbi and he is sitting down and trying to memorialize a meeting with the president of the united states. give me a break, comey. i mean, each you can't stretch the truth that far. did you go pretty far but
4:06 am
you can't stretch it that far. i mean, this whole -- i mean, i think the investigation should be thrown out because it all began with an illegal act. comey's leaking of the memo to the professor hot house now wants to find outline all the circumstances. going to be a pretty slimy situation. i would like to know how often comey leaked in other circumstances, too. brian: just think if you are so comfortable doing and it he said it and then we find out the guy had special fbi clearance, mr. mayor, when we judge napolitano here and you guys go way back to old italy and rivalries with your families only kidding. [laughter] , he says listen, i love rudy but is he making a mistake poking the bear by telling mueller to wrap it up. you don't want to grab the tiger. you don't want to aggravate him because they make your life miserable. have you examined your tactics and thought about maybe the backlash? >> somebody has to defend the president. and that's my job. and if he wants to get angry, get angry at me, not the president.
4:07 am
i'm the one doing it the reality is that's my job. my job is not to, you know, lean over and let him beat the hell out of us. that's what was going on before i got here. it's my job to make the case for the president of the united states. i'm very proud of that. and i think it's very different now than it was a couple weeks ago. sings i got involved and rafkins and jay. we are one team now and doing what the president wants and fighting back. look, they are professionals. if they are not, a remedy can be in court. i mean, all they can do is write a report. steve: right. >> so how bad that is we can deal with that we with write it, too. abby: can you think of any scenario where the president would sit down with mueller. >> absolutely. sure. it depends on if they're willing to be reasonable. we have written them five letters. three when john dowd was in charge. two sinels i came aboard asking for things we would need it decide every lawyer
4:08 am
in america we are going to be the laughing stock of lawyers testify. you can be sure we are only going to do that if we feel there is a way to shorten this thing. if we are in for a long investigation. we will fight every single thing whether people think nice or not nice. if you are innocent. you have got to fight back. get insulted damn witch-hun witch-hunt. operation led to it called operation crossfire hurricane. it sounds like the "new york times" is confirming that the fbi essentially spied summer before the election which would suggest they were out to frame him. brian: in fact, here is the exact quote. at least one government informant met several times
4:09 am
with page and papadopoulos, current and former officials said. that has become politically contentious point with trump's allies questioning whether the fbi was spying on the trump campaign or not. this was buried in a 4,000 page story. but what i just read to you, what is your stand on that? does that change anything? >> well, it would change a lot of things. i mean, first of all, we're going to have to look into it as a result of "times" article. thank you, "new york times." they usually don't help us. and in this case, i think we're going to have to look into whether we can challenge the legitimacy of the entire investigation. maybe a special prosecutor, special counsel never should have been appointed. not based on an illegal leak. not based on a southwest facts that g -- set of facts that go back to, -- i'm shocked to hear that he this put a spy in the campaign of a major party candidate maybe two spies. you know i was a big part of that campaign. i'm trying to figure out who was the spy. now i'm wondering is it this person or that person or this person? now, if there's a spy, they
4:10 am
got nothing from it. look, they would be able to bring their case right now if the spy had any incriminating information. that spy should have been enough to tell them, these people were not talking to the russians. there was no collusion with the russians. abby: don't you need enough evidence to put a spy on someone to subpoena someone in there are still a lot of questions as to the evidence that ultimately led to this investigation? >> kind of like th "the big bang theory," right, a.b.y? >abby?they didn't have enough evidence to pit a spy. in you don't need enough evidence to put a spy in. to put one on the president of the united states it seems you better have it they don't have it because they don't have it now. look, if they had had a spy. if the spy got incriminating evidence, they would be able to wrap this investigation up. i wouldn't be sitting here. we would be dealing with whatever the aftermath of the investigation is. steve: all we know is they may have had somebody inside close to the campaign. but, so far. >> that would be the biggest scandal in the history of
4:11 am
this town, at least involving law enforcement. and i have -- there is no one that has more respect for the men and women of the fbi than i do. i mean, comey has put them through hell. he put them through this as well. really to clear the name of the fbi he should be prosecuted. and his friend mccabe who one of them is lying. i mean, they are now going at each other. one of them is lying. you can toss a coin to figure out which one. the president shouldn't have fired him? steve: let's see if any of this is addressed in the inspector general's report which should be out shortly. >> we are looking forward to that, guys. i will see you back in new york. abby: mayor, good to see you this morning. have a good day. brian: nice to get on early for us. abby: he was up late last night, too. jillian: president trump meeting with politicians opposed to california's sanctuary laws. the commander-in-chief praising the leaders for fighting against it. >> we cannot let this
4:12 am
butchery happen in america. the state of california's attempts to nullify federal law have sparked a rebellion by patriotic citizens who want their families protected and their borders secured. >> this comes as the city of hanford voted unanimously to break away from the state's sanctuary laws. nearly two dozen cities and six counties have joined the anti-sanctuary fight. a hero school resource officer stops a gunman and saves lives as mark dallas shooting and injuring a former student who opened fire at a high school in dixon, illinois. >> he charged towards the suspect and confronted him head on. because of his heroic actions, countless lives were saved. >> the vice president tweeting his thanks saying, quote: another example of the brave work performed by law enforcement each and every day. suspect is hospitalized and under arrest. brand new video showing a road cracked in half as
4:13 am
earthquakes shake hawaii. tremors rock the big island as the threat of explosive eruption glows. blasting plumes of smoke and ash into the air as lava fissures destroy homes and burn land. the volcano can't stop these golfers. inner credible photo with group teeing off with ash spewing in the background that's determination. steve: playing through. jillian: newborn twins not quite ready to be apart moments after birth crying as doctors separate them. what happens next is a345euzing. [crying] [stop crying] >> look at that weston and caleb imimmediately stop crying when cheeks touch. has over 5 million views. abby: something to the power of touch. beautiful. steve: i remember them. brian: 15 seconds, believe in me.
4:14 am
she called the president a dictator and questioned if the 9/11 attacks were real. this city councilman's comment may be the latest yet. ainsley is in england for the royal wedding. we will catch her. brian: hi, ainsley. na leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. dog: whatever your dog seresto. brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. 8 month - seresto, seresto, seresto.
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4:18 am
brian: we're back with a fox news alert. tensions escalating israel gaza border. abby: hitting seven targets in gaza. steve: david lee miller is live with the very latest. >> steve, tensions along the border tends to be simmering. as of now deescalation in the works because of escalation by egypt. in the last few hours, however, the israeli military says airstrikes in gaza targeted hamas facilities. weapons storage warehouse and two other locations. the air assault was in retaliation for an earlier attack by palestinian militants who sprayed machine gunfire at the israeli border community of ter wrote. there were no injuries. the military says it holds hamas responsible for everything that takes place within and without the gaza strip. meanwhile, egypt, which share as border with gaza is leaning on hamas leaders to stop mass protests along the
4:19 am
border. this is a video released showing palestinians attempting to cut the border fence. according to a published reported today, egyptian intelligence officials told hamas' top leadership in a meeting in cairo the blood of palestinians killed in the demonstrations is on their hands. the egyptians reportedly showed hamas leaders a video that showed hamas members paying off civilians if they agreed to approach the border fence despite israeli warnings that the consequences could be deadly. and lastly, in the last week, it's been widely reported more than 60 palestinians were killed. hamas is now publicly acknowledging that 50 of those wh were its own members. brian: fascinating to see egypt take the side of almost every democrat who sided with the palestinians on this. >> in great american here, egypt has intervened. they do share a common interest with israel in trying to reduce the
4:20 am
violence along the border. in many ways that violence instigated like groups like the muslim brotherhood who friend of the egyptian government. abby: david lee miller live for us. thank you, david. steve: 7:20 in new york city. thousands paying tributes to fallen law enforcement officers during an emotional candlelight vigil. one of those honored heroes kissimmee detective police department matthew baxter, his widow was at the vigil and she will join us live from orlando next. rgency... i think, keep going, and make a difference. at some point, we are going to be able to beat als. because life is amazing. so i am hoping for a cure.
4:21 am
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do ndo not misjudgenity quiet tranquility. with the power of 335 turbo-charged horses the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350 and a quiet interior from which to admire them. the lincoln spring sales event is here. for a limited time get 0% apr on the lincoln mkx. plus get $1000 bonus cash.
4:23 am
brian: it right place at the right time the u.s. surgeon general hopped into action
4:24 am
when a passenger passed out. dr. jerome adams tweeting this: the patient is doing well and he was glad to assist. and he goes a little bit further, delta posting when the doctor is on board, is the doctor thanks for your service. a hero who stopped the paris train. alex sca scarlet toes announcing seat. he and two friends saved countless lives. they did a movie on this when they took down terrorists on a paris-bound train in 2015. now let's go down underneath for two important people. steve: all right, brian, thank you. a candle lytle light vigil drawing thousands in a tribute to law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. one of those honored kissimmee police officer matthew baxter who was shot and killed last summer. his widow and former police detective katie baxter was there and she joins us live
4:25 am
now from orlando. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me here. steve: it's great to be able to tell your story and talk about your husband, matthew. you guys let at work, didn't you? >> yes, sir. we met while patrolling the same beat. steve: you did, indeed. i know that because you are both police officers in law enforcement, in the back of your mind, there is always the worry that something bad could happen to one of the two of you, but you said at his funeral that you never imagined this happening. >> correct. i never imagined it happening to my household, and i pray that never happens to any other household. steve: katie, tell us what happened to matthew. >> matthew was killed with our sergeant sam howard august 18th, 2017. he was shot.
4:26 am
steve: i know it's hard to talk about. that's one of the reasons it's so important to you that some people attended the candlelight vigil to honor those who lost their lives in law enforcement. >> yes, sir. steve: and also earlier this week when the president of the united states in washington, d.c. had the tribute to all the people who had died serving our nation. and you were there. >> yes, sir. it was extremely emotional for me. i felt sad knowing matthew was not with my girls and i. but i felt so much joy as i stood up and i saw a sea of people holding candles knowing that they support me, my family, and other fallen heroes. steve: because that's what it's all about. it's nice to know that the cops have our back but nice to know that the people have your back. >> i'm a special agent now with the florida department of law enforcement. i put my gun and badge on
4:27 am
every day knowing that i have a nation that stands beside me and behind me as a widow of a fallen hero, as a mother and as a law enforcement officer i'm proud to continue to serve our country. steve: it's great there are so many people who are selfless and do what you do. you know, the reality as we have learned from the vigil and the tribute down in washington, d.c. is for the tens of thousands of people who put on the badge, put on the uniform every day to serve the country and serve the people you just never know what's going to happen. >> correct. we put on the uniform, gun and the badge knowing that it could be the last time that we see our families but to me, and for my husband, who i know is protecting me and my girls, it's truly a calling for us i know my husband is smiling down in heaven watching my girls and i. steve: i know it's tough to talk about him because it
4:28 am
happened less than a year ago and there is a picture of your husband. >> yes, sir. steve: an award deserving law enforcement officer. thank you for sharing his story and your story as well. >> thank you so much for having us. and thank you to all who are watching who support our law enforcement officers. steve: we're behind you. all right. >> thank you. steve: katie baxter, we thank you. from orlando. all right, coming up on this thursday, this illegal immigrant has crossed our border at least four times. now he has been charged in a horrific shooting spree. how does something like that happen? we will try to put it all together. plus, stormy daniels lawyer is under on a media blitz he has been on cnn 74 times in 10 weeks. at president trump's peak he was only on in 30 times in 10 weeks. where is the outrage? ari fleischer here with reaction coming up.
4:29 am
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4:31 am
4:32 am
brian: great britain ready for the big social event of the season. this saturday's royal wedding. abby: before that big day is here, our own ainsley earhardt got the tour of the british capital from one of london's top dogs. steve: head across the atlantic where ainsley is live in windsor, england. ainsley: hey all of you back in the united states. this is windsor. you can see windsor castle behind me. we flew in london and spent the day with mr. nigel farage. is he sitting next to me. you all know him. you are basically royalty here. >> not quite. ainsley: you are so famous here. you are the man responsible for brexit. they love you. we were out yesterday you were getting stopped constant little and even this morning what happened
4:33 am
to you. >> i got hig hijacked. the pub wasn't open and a republican rushed um and said come on in and i have to a photo of you drinking a beer in my pub. westminster, abby, being there for over 1,000 years. did i manage to lead you astray and take new english pub. ainsley: we did. >> we serve our beer at room temperature no fizz in it either. i'm sure people turn their nose up. it was okay, wasn't it? ainsley: it was delicious. take a look, everyone. >> welcome to london. this is one of the world's most famous churches. this is westminster abby. this is where prince william married kate middleton. nigel farage is going to show us around the beautiful city. let's go find him. thank you for joining us today. >> not a bit. what a pleasure. let's go into proper english pub. how about that? ainsley: a proper pub. ainsley: did have you your first beer here after brexit? >> we will call it independence day.
4:34 am
[cheers] we did that morning, yes. >> you celebrated that morning here. explain the significance of the bell. >> be drinking and a bell would ring which would mean had to finish their drinks because there would be a vote in 10 minutes' time. >> cheers. ainsley: cheers, nigel. >> welcome to london. ainsley: thank you. where are we? >> we are entering the churchill war rooms. it's not a marker. it's the real thing. we are lucky, we have a proper expert to show us around: here we have the cabinet room. this was originally room this room was meant to be air raid shelter. 115 meetings held in this room. take place down here. >> london burned in a great blitz. >> in 18940 when german aircraft were bombing night after night. ainsley: i can't believe. this is where churchill walked. this is where he sat. >> this was churchill's seat here in the war cabinet room. you can see his arm rest on
4:35 am
the right-hand side where he had been gripping his arm rest. ainsley: that's really. >> absolutely. deep gouges, drumming on the arm rest. can you imagine the scene. >> before we learn, you cannot reason with a tiger. ainsley: that is real cool. >> that is pretty cool. >> this map shows the shipping routes. every single pin hole if you look closely thousands upon thousands of pin holes. each of those is a. the whole of the world war at a glance. ainsley: this is the actual map? >> this is the actual map. ainsley: all of those pin holes. wow. >> old london and new england. >> get into pubs and move slowly. go out 450 feet. >> let's go into it this is the london eye. >> this is fantastic. >> you see the revolving tower. when i'm doing a hit with "fox & friends," from london, from a studio down
4:36 am
there, it's to and from america from that tower. ainsley: nigel we are at the top of london? >> absolutely king of the hill. ainsley: we are. beautiful view. >> this room is obviously under construction. >> can you just about see the clock face. >> there house of commons. westminster abby. what better view of london can you possibly get? listen, can you hear the procession. they are practicing. >> crowds gathering. huge excitement. good news. here is the front page of the sun biggest selling paper. we have the announcement of the bridesmaids, the page boys. lots of happening. meghan markle's father really has been the victim of a horrible tabloid media campaign and as they say here now alone ill and afraid. i'm sorry to say the kensington palace have not looked after him. he should have been kept
4:37 am
free from the you hav you have h ainsley: her mother will be walking her down the aisle we will see on saturday. brian: we're jealous of the sinner i didn't you and nigel have. i sense you and you nigel could do your own morning show in britain. abby: how fun would that be? ainsley: in a pub, brian. you were asking if they drink the beer warm or cold. you got your answer. a little bit warmer than they do in the united states. brian: absolutely. ainsley: it's still beer. we don't care. steve: they don't like it ice cold. they serve tut temperature of the cellar which is not warm but it's not that chilly, either. abby: a little cool. steve: ainsley thank you very much. >> that's exactly right. abby: over to jill january for other headlines we are following. jillian: following a number of stories including. this voices tell him who to shoot that outrageous excuse from illegal immigrant
4:38 am
charged in a deadly shooting spree in kansas city, missouri. are he decides in his heart who is bad and the gun won't fire on good people. one person is dead. he is in the united states illegally from mexico. he has crossed the border four times. remember the council woman who shared this article questioning whether or not the 9/11 terrorist attacks were real? well, now, louanna mayfield of charlotte, north carolina is comparing police officers to terrorists tweeting quote being black in america under 45 has created homegrown terrorists wearing blue uniforms. her tweet was posted? march but gaining attention during national police week. white students asked to stay off campus by their own classmates. students at evergreen state college organizing a dave absence with workshops and gatherings and say will promote variable awareness. it runs through friday. a school in washington state cancelled the annual event
4:39 am
after major backlash last year. the week's events are student-run. think you have rough days? you have nothing on this guy looking to tap take a dip in river tends getting a whole lot more than he bargained for. >for. [laughter] jillian: the man tumbling down 12 steps right into the river after taking his shirt off. he posted the video online saying while he is totally embarrassed, he is okay. i don't know, it looks like he went down on his face. >> i'm a little skeptical. set up. who is recording, how did he get the video and why didn't he stop himself? it seems he could stop. steve: are you being a skeptic? jillian: i' m mean, i'm sorry. brian: do you know who is always real? janice dean. janice: thank you, brian. that's one of your better toss us, actually. behind me is a hot it up. we will be talking about pools for your backyard with
4:40 am
our buddy skip is rainy out here. here is the forecast for windsor, england on saturday. beautiful forecast for our royals. let's take a look at our maps to see if they advance and unfortunately i don't think they are are going to advance. i'm just going to tell you over this beautiful map of windsor, england that we do have showers in the forecast across the northeast. it's going to be cooler than average. the potential for severe storms over the central u.s. over the next couple of days. it looks like we could have some flash flooding for the mid-atlantic and the northeast. all right. i know you want to stay tuned for hot tubs and pools. steve: oh, yeah. janice: stick around for that. steve: coming up in an hour. abby: coming up, kellyanne conway, mike huckabee both here live that's next hour. steve: cnn has a new darling. and you are looking at him. stormy daniels lawyer is on a major media blitz. where's the outrage? ari fleischer is coming into the studio. he is coming up next on "fox & friends." ♪
4:41 am
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♪ ♪ steve: 7:43 in new york city time for news by the numbers. first, zero dollars that's how much breakfast will cost today if you support former president obama's new presidential center in chicago. the obama foundation offering the free food at a rally ahead of a vote to approve construction permits. next, 24. that's how many hours until ford restarts production of its f-150 truck in deer born, michigan. they have been waiting for this. a fire had broken out at a supplier's factory earlier this month, causing them to run out of parts. and finally, 100. that's how many cards this world war ii veteran ike ibella wants to receive for 100th birthday june 6th. if you want to send ike a card go to and we will tell you how. happy birthday early.
4:45 am
brian: all right. many in the media have a new -- feel as though there is a new media darling out there. a new report finds that stormy daniels attorney michael avenatti has appeared on cnn 74 times in just 10 weeks. abby: unbelievable. here with his reaction white house press secretary ari fleischer. a cnn contributor at this point. >> i think that's what the prompt underneath him says, right? >> you compare him to the number of times that president trump was on cnn before he was president, i think it was like 30. what's going on here? >> well, here's the thing, look. we have seen this before to a smaller degree, lawyers come, lawyers go and they try to get on tv as much as they can. in this case i don't see what the lawyering is. he comes across much more as a political operative. if that's what he wants to do he is entitled to do that but his client, she already got the 130,000 and spilled the beans. i don't know what the legal issues are that he is representing other than he wants to take donald trump down. steve: forget about the fact that he is on the channel. cleerlg thclearly the channel sn
4:46 am
varietying him. >> this is the bigger issue with journalism today cnn and msnbc have become optional not factual. this is one of the reasons the journalism is not winning. many people trust fox. many people don't. many people don't trust cnn and ntsb. they are putting him on with political advocate. frequency how astounding they want him. brian: he has extremely thin skin. evidently he threatened to sue the hollywood reporter for a negative story. fox news confirmed the state bar of california investigating him. they are looking into his bankruptcy, too. they are also investigating him regarding alleged unpaid taxes. so he is starting to see the other side of being the media darling. they find out where is he from? what has he done? bottom line is most of his clients are democratic operatives. >> all true. this is the reason i think he goes on tv because he enjoys being more the political operative than the counsel representing a client. here's the thing, he is a
4:47 am
side show. the real lawyer here is bob mueller. the real issue that the white house deals with is bob mueller. what's happening with michael cohen and with michael avenatti is a side show. this is not relevant to the trump presidency in any serious legal or political way. and so i have never seen somebody who is a side show get so much tv. abby: president every way when it comes to the stormy daniels situation. with your expertise would you advise him to do stay away or not touch this. >> ignore him. he is the side show. the only threat to the white house is bob mueller. that's a receding threat frankly because there is no evidence of collusion issue anywhere. focus on what's important and the things that are the side shows, let them be the side shows and probably the most painful thing for you will avenatti is to be treated as the side show he wants center ring. steve: he want the phone to keep ringing. brian: after north korea threatens to cancel historic summit between kim jong un
4:48 am
and president trump, the media goes wild. >> if the summit doesn't happen, is that a failure on donald trump's part? >> today the white house said oh, it's fully expected kim jong un to make this threat. last night there was a totally different story. brian: does it seem like the media is actually rooting for kim jong un and are they happy when we're? strife? steve: plus, a bombshell story in the "new york times" this morning claiming there was an fbi spy somehow connected to the trump campaign. kellyanne conway spent a lot of time on the campaign. her reaction coming up 12 minutes. brian: i would say not the spy ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ here you go little guy.
4:49 am
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brian: president trump saying we will see what happens after reports surface that north korea may cancel next month's meeting between trump and kim jong un but the media going wild against the president. >> if the summit doesn't happen, is that a failure on donald trump's part? today the white house said oh, it fully expected kim jong un to make this threat. last night there was a totally different story. you only need to look at their statement to know that wasn't true. >> what's going to come out of this summit would be a publicity stunt. i have never seen a summit succeed if the agreement wasn't made in advance. brian: this will be different. beginning of agreement and series of confidence measures. that he was been done before. joining us to react is michael anton. how would you characterize what's happened over the last two days and does it strike you as as unusual that the administration hasn't heard any rebuke or
4:53 am
brush back or complaint from the north korean government. >> i think the first thing to remember is that this is a meeting that the north koreans asked for. this is not something that the united states or the president asked for north koreans asked south koreans to see if they could arrange it the south koreans came to the washington to deliver that message to the president personally. he accepted the meeting and we have been working on planning it ever since. the secretary of state before even he was confirmed when he was still the cia director and then as secretary of state mike pompeo has been there twice to try to set this up. if this meeting doesn't happen, it will be because the north koreans have changed their mind. it won't be because the united states or president trump has backed out. i have known for a fact the president wants to have this meeting. he thinks that this could be important. so, i think he is taking the right tact here which is, you know, to let everything play out and assume it's going to go forward and if they want to back out i knows he can do nothing to stop that is he not going to give anything extra to meeting they asked for.
4:54 am
brian: what other media outlets aren't pointing out the president says "we'll see." never says going to be a good suck sets. i hope some things will happen. we'll see. we will see what happens. very measured in his tweets since kim jong un has come back into talks. now, you point out that they never -- when you were at the white house, they never had a problem or demanded the end of military exercises. so this complaint comes off as insincere. >> it's actually exactly the opposite. when they first informed the south koreans they were interested in having a meeting, they said they don't object to the spring -- the routine exercises that the united states and south korea were going to hold in the spring. and that was one of the reasons the president was willing to accept the meeting is because he said, look, they are not asking for something unreasonable like we should cancel that exercise. now they are bringing this up after already having said they don't object. it's a little bit curious that they would bring up something that they had already said was fine with them and now try to treat it as if it was this new thing that they're worried about.
4:55 am
that is subjective. brian: only way it is cancelled or postponeside the meeting with south korea. that has been pushed back. south korea is going to work make sure there is no problem with ours in singapore june 12th. bring up a series of events. two meetings with mike pompeo the secretary of state when he was cia director. they come back with three hostages. the president says a few nice things. now all of a sudden there is a degree of panic. do you think there is something to the school of thought that maybe china is behind this? see something maybe getting out of control? they had that weird summit in china where he showed up and they went to the beach? i'm wondering if something's there. >> i doubt it my own read is that china probably wants this meeting to happen because china wants to see tensions on the core reason peninsula reduced. so they -- i think they, the chinese, you know, who are the north koreans really only ally. they are responsible for about 90% of all trade with north korea. they are north koreans biggest backers. my take is that china probably wants the meeting to happen. so, i think if anything,
4:56 am
that, you know, they would probably be encouraging kim to go through with it because they want to see tensions reduced. they want to see, you know, more calm on the korean peninsula. so, it's very curious to know what's going on. probably what's happening is kim and the people around him think that maybe this is time that they can try to get something from the united states, extract something from the united states. see if the president wants the meeting so much he is willing to give up something to make sure that it happens. this is a test, perhaps, for the president. brian: mike, for you to be able to reach over, glance down and shut off that phone while not breaking stride is a wonder for all to look over. to say good job shutting off your ringer. michael anton, thanks so much. it's kind of interesting. i appreciate you joining us. if you are at the white house you are watching the white house cheer for hamas and then kind of salute kim jong un for pushing back on the president. that's how twisted things are in america's media today. huge hour ahead. kellyanne conway will be joining us live on the
4:57 am
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♪ note. steve: will the special counsel do anything regarding the president of the united states? rudy made it very clear, you can not indict a sitting president. >> being challenged by manafort, look likes successfully to produce authorization to indict manafort. i don't think he wants a battle with us over that. brian: did they actually confirm james comey's fbi spied on the trump campaign with inbed informant? >> no doubt they had at least one can confidential informant in the campaign. abby: president trump meeting with politicians opposed to california's sanctuary laws. >> it's a crisis. that is the point we're at in california. it's a crisis. jillian: israel striking more
5:01 am
targets hitting seven targets in gaza. >> some people raise their pinky. ♪ ♪ never royals . steve: is she british. brian: should she be british to sing the song? steve: she is sing ising about george bret from the kansas city royals. brian: we named george brett after. we had a "fox & friends" hall of fame. he was our most famous person. we named it after him and he never came back. am i right? he never came back. abby: ainsley is in windsor, england, ahead of the royal wedding on saturday. steve: oh, boy. ainsley: i know. abby, brian, steve, there is a
5:02 am
castle behind me. we watched "downton abbey" and "the crown." this is like disney world. we see cinderella's as sell they made. this is actual castle. meghan markle is about to join the royal family and will live in a castle. it is unbelievable. the energy is amazing. people are lining the streets sand with their chase ready and posters. we saw british flags hanging from people's houses. it is unbelievable. meghan markle will join the roy family on noon. i will tell you what happens that today. we'll be here live at noon to show it you. there is lunchtime reception hosted by the queen. they give every one a little break. then they come back for a evening reception with prince charles. the wedding costs $45 million. 40 of that is for security. abby: they need it. steve: elton john performing at
5:03 am
wedding. ainsley we'll see you in a little while. ainsley: sounds good. abby: it will be 70 and sunny. what a perfect day. brian: he does everything royal. >> he a knight over there. kellyanne conway counselor to president trump joins us from the north lawn. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: the president of the united states, i'm sure you saw this, he tweeted four minutes ago. wow, word seems to be coming out that the obama fbi spied on the trump campaign with an embedded informant. andrew mccarthy says there is no doubt they had one confidential informant in the campaign. if so this is bigger than watergate. he had this one as well. >> congratulations america, we're now into the second year of the greatest witch-hunt in american history, there is still no collusion and no obstruction. the only collusion done by democrats who were unable to win an election despite spending far more money. we don't need to get your reaction, kellyanne, but what do you say? >> we like the president say that the president is own best
5:04 am
communications director. i often encourage him to inter face with the public directly. i glad he does that through his vast social media reach and platforms. it is democratization. americans are cutting out the middlemen. the middlemen don't like it. communicates with the world and americans instantly all at the same time. take the two tweets together. see where the president is thinking about the current state of play. that a year plus into the mueller investigation, we know a few things, but what we know crisply and significantly is that as these revelations are making their way forward, it looks like the trump campaign may in fact have been surveiled. it looks like there was an informant there. we'll see as the president likes to say, we'll see what happens. we'll see what the facts may reveal. i think those who have been dig and conjecturing over a year, should be careful what they wish for. i don't know what this person was hoping to gain.
5:05 am
maybe he or she should have been listening more carefully what our digital strategy was and our 50% digital ads, 50% conventional television radio ads. maybe they should have been listening to me six or seven times a day, why we're going back to pennsylvania. why the president was headed to places like wisconsin, and michigan and places he won, republicans hadn't won in a very long time but the president and his team have been so cooperative with this investigation. we're $10 million plus into it. we're over a year. everybody has turned over the documents. they have been in to visit the special counsel. they have been up on capitol hill sharing information. you see release of transcripts yesterday from some testimony. people are cooperative. this president also doesn't let it him distract him. i sat in the senate republican lunch two days ago, you heard
5:06 am
senator after senator, tell this president he is the most successful president in their lifetimes, in 16 months of tax cuts and regulatory reductions and getting close to making, making conversations if not deals with north korea and south korea, he has been here basically seven weeks since director pompeo, now secretary of state pompeo went to north korea. seven weeks of big activity, 70 years of war between the koreas. it's this president leadership helps hostages come home and some other great things happen. brian: could easily punt on this question but "the new york times" actually says this, at least one government informant met several times with page and papadopoulos. so some government informant within the trump camp. could you tell me if, could you just tell me if you have an idea of who that might be? >> i don't have an idea. let me say something more important than knowing who the
5:07 am
informant may be. i don't know carter page or george papadopoulos, if some somebody find a picture i was in a room with george papadopoulos, 100 people again i was campaign manager for winning part of the campaign. i saw carter page on a different network tell the anchor i never met kellyanne conway. i don't know these two people. looks like they had some very tangentialal involvement with the campaign earlier on. maybe this happened then but i think that is very important to note which is, when the campaign team and structure changed and expanded in august, due to the president making his own decisions then, i mean the president offered me the campaign manager job, two of us together, august 12th it, was a friday. it was announced next wednesday. he hired somebody else in between that. if this happened to happen earlier on, if you're talking about page and papadopoulos, this is very important because this whole idea we're all there
5:08 am
together, you saw what we were doing. we were out every day, we were very transparent with our strategy. president trump was doing six or seven big speeches a day toward the end. you know where he was. abby: kellyanne, get your thoughts on north korea. you were already talking about that. recent news out north korea they're thinking about not coming to the negotiating table because of joint military exercise with south korea. what would cause president trump to ultimately walk away from this thing? >> president trump made it very clear from the beginning, abby, and hasn't changed, if the conditions are right, so far they were looking good for a while, release of three detainees, people should not gloss over as check the box event, that was amazingly transformative event, many fruits already occurred over the president's leadership, but the president said he can easily walk away also. we'll see what happens. it is not just up to president trump. he is ready to go on june 12th. it is up to north korea and i
5:09 am
suppose south korea what you're doing together. i saw this morning north korea put out a statement, they have a problem with south korea's leadership. we'll continue to monitor that. and the president, you know very much likes the fact that based on his leadership that and his team, including secretary of state pompeo going over there two times, that north korea has already suspended some of their exercises. but this president made very clear, denuclearizing the korean peninsula is in everybody's best interests. brian: kellyanne, i understand they have not reached formally out to you guys. north korea has not formally reached out, registered any complaints about john bolton's words or about military exercises. all this has been done through the media. is that correct? >> well i say this about that since i will not confirm or deny that. i will tell you this so much is litigated in media and gets repeated and retweeted without
5:10 am
verification. some people call it fake news. i refer to it uninformed conjecture, speculation. it is dangerous, because people think speculative opinion, wishful thinking, conclusions in search of evidence somehow rise to the level of facts. you're always talking about facts. they should think twice about that. litigating to the media, talking about something significant as, sensitive as possible summit between north korea, south korea, the united states of america but that is conjecture. look, what ambassador bolton has said, what sarah sanders has said, we're monitoring the situation but we want to verify what is fact and what is fiction before we run out to state that. i will leave that to the president and national security team if there is announcement to be made. abby: you said earlier this week there would be changes in the white house regarding the leaks challenges you faced. what is the latest, update on the leaking coming from the white house? >> people looking last week were
5:11 am
clearly doing that to hurt the people the targets of those leaks. there is 99.8% of the information we know, some of us know in this place that never gets leaked of the there were big leaks coming out of this white house the fruit of the leaks would be in the newspaper, not process of the leaks. abby: do you know hot leakers are, kellyanne? >> somewhat. they're not all in the press and come shop and not all junior folks. hundreds and hundreds of people work on this complex. a lot of people have access to the sensitive information. other non-sensitive, non-classified information. steve: kellyanne, some of the leaks are authorized. the administration wants to get word out, float a trial balloon but unauthorized ones that as you said trying to destroy somebody, those are the troublesome ones for you. >> smaller, tighter meetings are better idea. telling people on need to know basis. those of us who are the public faces on behalf of this administration, most of what we
5:12 am
are, what we know and can be made publicly available we do. that is the point of me standing here. steve: sure. >> that is so much most of what goes on here what is known to us is not known to people on the outside and i think that is incredibly important to note also. think about the things that did not leak. the first lady's procedure earlier this week. thank god she's fine. mr. pompeo going to north korea over easter. the guests, the first lady's guests at state of the union. there were many never leaked. eight or 10 of us knew that. there are again, you have to look at the absence of harmful leaks but there are many people who nobody knows who they are because they are not, they're not household names perhaps, they're not public faces in the administration. they have access to information also. i think, but taking a broader look at that also but the president also wants me to make very clear to all of you, that he knows a lot of this is made up also. that speaking of, if you're going to speculate and bloviate
5:13 am
about north korea and what may or may not be true you are certainly going to speculate about leaks. but let me make very clear, most of the stories this week were about the process of leaks, not the fruits of those leaks. there are tighter, smaller meetings. that is very helpful to this president promoting his agenda. abby: kellyanne, good to see you. have a great day. >> thanks. brian: 13 minutes after the hour, we now know what millenials don't like about president trump. even this is outrageous. >> would you rather date a trump supporter or convicted felon? >> a convicted felon. >> felon? felon. >> convicted felon. 100%. brian: seriously? abby: wow. brian: plus governor mike huckabee. abby: that can't be real. brian: just got back israel after the dedication of the u.s. embassy. he will join us live.
5:14 am
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♪ >> would you rather date a trump supporter or a convicted felon? >> a convicted felon. >> felon. >> felon. >> convicted felon, 100%. brian: you heard that right. more millenials saying they would rather date a convicted felon than a trump supporter. how can a criminal be more appealing than someone with
5:18 am
different political views. joining us now, chuck woolery, only kidding. we have a former homicide investigator ted williams. do they know what a convicted felon is? you arrested convicted felons. describe some of them. >> brian, let me get this straight, these people would much prefer to date a child molester, someone who molest ad little baby, they would much prefer to date a murderer, someone who just killed at random, they would much prefer to date a rapist, some of these people who were broken into homes in the middle of the night and have raped even 80 and 90-year-old women? i mean i hate to be so melodramatic about this, serious about it, but, while they're laughing about this, this is a very serious matter in our country, what goes on in the criminal justice system with
5:19 am
seriously-convicted criminals. brian: right. >> so i have got a serious problem with this and, it is very troubling. brian: but there is some serious hatred on both sides but towards the president, this president, like i haven't seen before. you also got people very passionate for the passionate like i have never seen before. how do you describe this? i believe actually even those some of those people are answering with fun, i actually believe some of them believe what they're saying? >> i do also. i think that there's a racial divide in this country, not only racial divide but a division of hatred. trump supporters are americans. they believe in what they believe. they have a right to believe in what they believe. and i think it is marginalized when you say would prefer to date a convicted felon and i think you mean even
5:20 am
seriously-convicted felons rather than to date a trump supporter. that's very, very troubling, brian. brian: when you watch spike lee go over there and describe our country in such horrific ways. when you see a trump supporter who gets bawled out because he works as a cheesecake factory with a trump-supporting hat on you know things are getting over the top. ted williams, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. brian: ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. this college graduate is going out with a bang so to speak, posing with her rifle on campus. the message, come take it if you want. we'll hear from her coming up. plus new york city moved one step closer to legalizing pot. is that a good idea, to mellow us out as a city? ♪ i'm very proud of the fact
5:21 am
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♪ jillian: good morning to you and welcome back. we have quick headlines much senate voted to keep net neutrality rules to prevent service providers blocking or slowing down sites and charging more for certain content. the trump administration calls it overregulation. the bill is unlikely to survive in the house. first laid melania trump, thanks to all sent good wishes and prayers. i am feeling great. look forward to get being back home to the white house soon. the first lady underwent a surgery to treat a benign kidney condition. the president has visited her every day this week. we wish her well. steve: we do too.
5:25 am
new york city's district attorney will soon stop prosecuting low level pot cases this comes as new york city mayor bill de blasio promises to overall the new york city police department drug enforcement policies. is it a good idea or bad idea? we have one person who feels it is good, one who feels it is bad. lisa garber supports the policy change, the host of podcast beyond the badge, vincent hill is opposed to the plan. he joins us from atlanta. tell me why you think this is a good asked for them not to prosecute low level pot cases here in new york city. >> sure. it's a little problematic because de blasio has been wishy-washy for years now on lighting up a doobie in manhattan. the problem now across all of the boroughs of new york we're seeing increased levels of racially-discriminatory-charged arrests. steve: why are they racially-charged? >> we're looking at statistics 86% of arrests for low level marijuana crimes including just lighting up in public or having a really small amount in
5:26 am
possession are black or hispanic that is way out of whack with the trend in new york in general. steve: okay, vincent. what do you think? >> well, it is quite simple, steve. if you don't want to go to jail, if you don't want to get arrested don't break the law. right now the law in new york marijuana is illegal. no matter how big or how small the crime is, if you don't want to go to jail don't break the law. i arrested black people, white people, chinese, asian you name it, because they were breaking the law. not because i wanted disproportionate stat of black people in jail. it was they were breaking the law. it is that simple. steve: ultimately, lisa he makes a great point. pot is still class one controlled substance. it is against federal law to have it in your possession. >> in state law, 29 states allow medical use of marijuana including new york. nine states allow it for recreational use. we see it a trend. new york will likely follow the trend at some. i think de blasio method is a
5:27 am
little underwell misdemeanorring he is not attacking root of the problem which are racially-charged arrests. in terms of marijuana usage there are no statistics saying somebody lighting up a doobie will commit a more serious offense or serious crime. they don't technically have to arrest people for lighting up in public. they can issue a summons or say a violation like a traffic ticket. steve: vincent, it seems as if they're getting cart before the horse. it is not legal, you know the recreational pot thing is not legal here in new york city. if they want to make it legal, have bill de blasio go in front of the council and have him change the law here. >> yeah, that's right, steve. listen, i will say this, i have arrested so many people, so many people that have wrecked their cars because they were under the influence of marijuana. i've gotten guns off the street from a simple marijuana charge this is much bigger, oh, just a minor charge. criminals are criminals. listen, we just open up a lot of jobs to drug dealers in
5:28 am
new york city because basically they're saying, well, if i don't package it for resale then i know i can't be arrested for it but still make money. i can still sell the drugs. it's a win-win for them. steve: we'll see what happens, now that they will start using it. lisa gash per in new york, vincent hill in atlanta. thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. steve: what do you think about that? email mike huckabee returned from israel. what is really going on over there? he will join us live for a report. ainsley is live in england for the royal wedding. she has a special guest coming up, don't you? ainsley: that is exactly right, steve. steve hilton is here, another one of our favorite steves. he says two years after "brexit," it is still a mess over here. he said the establishment is trying to stop the will of the people. he compares that to what is happening in america. stay with us. ♪
5:29 am
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♪ abby: no rain is going to stop us having a party. brian: wouldn't great if the east would have retractible roof. it has been raining seven straight days. impossible to not to affect your mood. steve: it has been raining so much, skip bedell in the next segment is building an ark. brian: governor mike huckabee was there for historic event in israel. governor of arkansas. fox news contributor. own show on weekends. doesn't have to wear a tie because it is named after him. governor, great to be back. >> great to be back with you guys.
5:33 am
always a delight. brian: are you surprised, historic event three presidents promised to pull off, this one does and most of the coverage how cold-hearted hamas was treated and palestinians were treated in gaza? >> hamas is masters of propaganda. too bad they're not really masters of trying to help people out of poverty. in fact their actions keep people in poverty. that is their goal, keep them uneducated impoverished and subservient. give you an example. i've been to the gaza border many times. they continue to try to build tunnels, go underground, get into israel to kill israelis. every time they build a tunnel on average cost $3 million. israelis blow it up and block it. that is three million dollars could have been built for housing provide, food, infrastructure. but in gaza it's an absolute disaster and these poor people, and it is horrific what is happening to them but happening a the hands of hamas, because they are using them as human shields. they are exploiting their
5:34 am
poverty and their complete lack of understanding of what they're being used for. abby: what was it like for you tock there? >> one of the mosieur real moments. i was going to israel, this marks 45th year. my first trip in 1973 when i was 17. seeing ceremony and curtain come down and looking at word embassy in jerusalem, it sent chills up my spine. it was something many of us were hoping for, praying for, working for. this is not symbolic. this president deserves all the credit, all the credit for having the courage to do what other presidents promised but did not deliver. steve: meanwhile as we're wrapping up our segment what was going on during your visit, talk a little bit what is coming up in the month of june. sounds like the 12th, the summit is still on between the president of the united states and kim jong-un although suddenly he is kind of stirring the pot.
5:35 am
he is saying you know, these military exercises, i don't like those. i don't like the fact they're suggesting that i have to pull the plug on all the nukes. what is going on behind the scenes do you think? is he just trying to continue to say, hey, i'm over here, i'm over here, look at me? >> yeah, i think a lot of it is bravado and sabre-rattling necessary for him to assure his people he is not surrendering, he is not giving up everything. that he is going into it with a sense of strength but all that posturing doesn't change the fact he has been willing and said publicly to completely get rid of nuclear arms. if that indeed happens, it is an amazing reset of all of asia. and there is no guarranty and nobody is being so pollyannish about it oh, to say it is all going to be fine, because it may not. it may fall apart, again give donald trump credit for getting us closer than any president ever has in dealing with the situation on the peninsula. when everybody was condemning
5:36 am
him for his tough talk, turns out it worked. he had the right instincts. he has got the right policies. abby: governor, not only is the president not given credit by certain folks in the media, some are already asking the question if the meeting doesn't take place, is that a failure on the president's part. what does that tell you as where we are as a country, we can't at least come together wanting success for north korea? that is not just good for us and people of north korea, it is good for the world. >> it is incredibly good for the world. abby, one of the things frustrating to the watch people on the left seem to hate donald trump more than they love the country and love peace that this world desperately needs. they should be grateful if donald trump can bring some type of a resolution, they need to be glad that he did it. if they don't like him that's fine. they don't have to like him but need to appreciate what he is getting done which by the way is quite a bit. brian: it is. also a are a couple dozen judges have been put in place if you
5:37 am
count the supreme court judge, 22 overall. he is pressuring the republican senators to do more before they go on break. we're beginning to realize it is up to mitch mcconnell to start getting these people nominated and processed. some without any controversy. they're being held up by democrats. do you think the republicans, you know politicians, do you think they're getting the message? >> well if they don't they will be going home. what they need to do is go ahead roll the nominations through, get appointments filled, not just judicial but staffing positions throughout the agencies. there are so many unplugged holes right now. i heard some senators say they would like to see them work on the weekend and work overtime. brian: why not? >> that is what every one else does when their job isn't done on time and on schedule and deadline. why not senators do what every other american has to do, get the job done before they go home to take a vacation. steve: we'll see what they do. mike huckabee joining from us
5:38 am
tennessee. abby: always good to see you governor. >> great to see you guys. brian: i believe that is the set of his show which is fantastic. abby: a great one. over to jillian for other headlines we're following. jillian: good morning to you as well at home. a 911 call just released after pro golfer is allegedly attacked by his own wife. lucas glove very's wife christa, trying to blame her mother-in-law before he sets the record straight. >> this is sane one of the bunch. >> tell me what is going on there? >> my mother is the one -- my wife is going crazy. court court christa governorrer arrested for domestic violence charges. glover says he is confident his wife will be cleared. a message dedicated to fallen men and women in uniform. police are looking responsible for writing a derogatory slam against them on a memorial in massachusetts. >> so to say this is hallowed
5:39 am
ground for us, that is an understatement. we ask people to respect this area. they are sacred to the men and women serve this area valiantly. jillian: the statue is all cleaned up. it will be featured on the police memorial event on sunday morning. college grad going out with a bang. kent state university graduate kaitlin bennett posing for photos on campus with an ar-10 rifle with her cap read, come and take it. bennett told us earlier that she wanted to take a jab at policies that kent state has that doesn't let students carry guns on campus. kent state released a statement did not break any rules, since she carried the gun on campus after graduating. viral debate tearing people apart do you-year yanny or laurel? >> laurel. laurel.
5:40 am
laurel. jillian: every one ready to end this, because we can? it is official laurel, not yanny. whoo-hoo. "the new york times" tracked down the 18-year-old behind it who said he recorded pronounce sy ages for laurel on the website, steve you were explaining earlier he heard laurel. some of his friends her yanny. steve: type in the world lawyer on i heard yanny. jillian: let's end it. it is over. abby: it's laurel. no debate. steve: i say janet but janice dean says time to do the weather. >> that is so kind. i would love that. it is raining outside but the ducks don't care. look how well i match with the rubber ducks. we'll do a segment on pool and pool safety with our friend skip bedell. look at the weather. it is raining outside. you can swim in the rain. you can build a pool in the rain. we have temperatures a little
5:41 am
cooler than average. rain will be unfortunately heavy at times across the reese coast of florida. that will remain sort of the picture as we head through friday and saturday. we have the stakes going on in baltimore. we are watching "justify." we're definitely looking at the potential for showers. this horse did well at the kentucky derby and it was a mudder. eastern half of the country will remain wet. sunny and 97 in phoenix. i can't wait to talk to skip bedell. he is also here. we will talk to the duck. >> the duck is here. the duck's ready. >> look at this, we match! abby: you look adorable janice. >> a ride in the pool. >> stay tuned. a duck for a ride in the pool. steve: skip, go back to workingthe ark. abby: ainsley is there for the royal widthing. who have you got.
5:42 am
ainsley: we usually have steve hilton in new york. we're down in his neck of the woods. >> ainsley said it is niece to be home. actually america feels like home. i feel like i'm a visitor. abby: i love it. >> great to be here. so exciting. special weekend coming up. fantastic. ainsley: we'll talk about "brexit" what a mess. >> mess going on. not just royal wedding celebrations. there is big thing going on with "brexit." ainsley: stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin 24 hour relief when allergies occur. day, after day, after day. because life should have more wishes, and less worries. feel the clarity, and live claritin clear.
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♪ brian: quick headlines now. two sex offenders and an ms-13 gang member busted crossing into the u.s. border agents catching the illegals trying to sneak around immigration checkpoints 80 miles into texas.
5:46 am
i.c.e. agents rounding up nearly 80 illegal immigrants in massive five-state sweep. the midwest operation spanning six days. 62 of the people had prior criminal convictions. 31 illegally re10ered the u.s. after being deported. been almost two years since the uk voted to leave the eu and the breakup still kind of a mess. steve: well, our next guest says just like in the united states, the british establishment is trying to stop the will of the people. abby: let's head out to windsor where ainsley is with former director of strategy for british prime minister david cameron and of course host of "the next revolution," steve hilton. good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning to you. yes, steve hilton is sitting beside me as you heard before the break, i said welcome home. is it good to be home? i love america and consider america home. >> that's right. ainsley: you lived in london. you will take me around london. steve: i will take you to some
5:47 am
pubs. ainsley: we like that. >> that is the first stop obviously for proper british tour. go to places i used to hang out, where i lived. we'll have a fun time, yeah. ainsley: "brexit" two years ago, it is still a mess. >> really interesting to me the comparison what is going on back home if i can say that in america where in 2016, two years ago, these two big events happened where the people rejected what the experts said and what the establishment said and they rejected what had gone before. they voted for "brexit" here in the uk and in america obviously for donald trump and in both situations the establishment is fighting what i call this counterrevolution, trying to undo the results of that popular vote. we see it all the time, obviously in america with the miller probe and russia, all that stuff which we're very familiar with and cover the whole time but here in england what is going on with "brexit," they're basically trying to stop it from happening. saying slow down, we should have a second referendum.
5:48 am
kind of leave the eu, but not really, stay in some parts of the eu. it is interesting how those two big voices of the people expressed in those votes are trying to be overturned by the establishment. ainsley: who is the establishment here in britain? >> it's a combination of the bureaucracy, the civil servants who were always against it, they're very comfortable with the way things were being part of the eu the business establishment, big business loves the eu because it makes their life easier and they operate at this globalist way. ainsley: does it backfire when we see what the establishment in the united states is doing, does it backfire eventually? the american public are pretty smart. they see what is happening right? >> same here. a lot of people running are around saying we need a second referendum. tony blair is leading a second ref addendum to overturn the first one. the polling suggests that people haven't changed their minds f anything, they would be so angry
5:49 am
the idea that the establishment is saying to the people, you got it wrong last time, vote again, they may be in favor of stronger of "brexit." but the real thing i pick up from people here, they want to get on with it. they want the government to say, what's happening? clear up all the ambiguity. get on it. we voted for leave, can we please leave rather than this endless debate. ainsley: we're here for the wedding which happens in two days. what is your friend saying about this wedding a brit marrying a american? >> it is interesting, a strong minority, i would say it's a minority in england, when there is a big royal occasion like this, they get a bit embarrassed by all the fawning, it is kind of old-fashioned but what is different about this one, the character of the two people at the heart of it. it is obvious to every one that they are a great couple. that harry and meghan are really cool people. they have a lovely relationship. i think most people are really excited by the thought, a bit like an it cider coming into the
5:50 am
royal family to shake things up. they're looking forked ward to it. ainsley: we're looking forward to sandra smith's show. >> it is so fun to be with wind door with you guys. what a fun time. i was not expecting anticipation, the excitement, since i landed walked the streets here today. a little pit after breeze but a lovely, warm, sunny day here. the people here have really embraced meghan markle. >> yes. >> and you know the excitement, it's fun to see. and you really feel happy for this couple. we've got some royal historians coming on "america's newsroom" coming up. we'll learn some of the most recent details of this big wedding happening on saturday. shepherd smith, ainsley earhardt will be on the long walk inside of winsor palace. we'll look forward to the big wedding, covering live in windsor. "america's newsroom" is coming up. a lot of news back home. bill and i will cover that for you. he is in new york. i'm here. join you on "america's newsroom"
5:51 am
in a moment the. ainsley: all right. we have more "fox & friends" coming up. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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♪ brian: day four of our week-long spring home improvement series which also translates into thursday. abby: this morning it is all about making a splash with a brand new pool or spa. steve: back with us, the host of "to catch a contractor" and home improvement expert skip bedell. if somebody watching right now, if they wanted to, they could have a inground pool by the time they come home? >> this is unbelievable. san juan pool can do it one day. you go to work. come home have a inground pool delivered to your house filled. used to take a month to do inground pool. they can do it the same day. abby: how do they do that?
5:55 am
dig a hole? >> drop it in there. this is built-in spa. pool and spa. brian: come with a lifeguard? >> you're the life guard. this is unbelievable. abby: how much is this? >> pricing on the website. depends on the size of the a pool. there is over 100 models. steve: to heat a pool it can be expensive. >> this creates 20% more than a regular solar panel to electrify your whole house but heats the pool at same time. cycles the water through the panel up on the roof. heat the pool. of cools the panel and electrifies your house. yeah. this is the montreal. 10-person spa. you can use this as a pool or a spa. dig the hole. put it in. they can set it up the same day. brian: with nafta segment and san juan pool and montreal pool. >> you got it.
5:56 am
abby: the worst thing about hot tub, they're so small. >> you can put 10 people in the thing. i have to tell you about this. brian: i love that. >> this is patio pool above-ground. it is dug in 18 inches. when you dig it in the ground, comes on the patio. comes ready to swim. ready to go like you see it. put it on top of pavers and you're done. abby: used to be that circular. >> this all goes in the ground. abby: this is nice. >> by the way, this is coming home with me today. this is going at the bedell house. oh, yeah. san juan pools. these guys are great. 100 models. steve: summer coming. for more information. thank you very much. ♪
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6:00 am
>> tomorrow we'll highlight four-season sun rooms. we might have to take a swim. >> did you bring your thong? >> bill: keep it in the box, please. good morning, everybody. fox news alert brand-new reaction from president trump at this hour after a bombshell request toward the mueller investigation as it hits the one year mark. rudy giuliani saying the case is essentially in the books claiming the special counsel told him he will not indict the president. good morning, everybody. split broadcast today. i'm bill hemmer live inside "america's newsroom" here in new york city. sandra, you have made it to england. good day to you there. >> sandra: i have. there is excitement in the air here, bill hemmer. good morning, i'm sandra smith live in windsor, england where preparations for the royal wedding are in full swing. the rehearsal is underway. we got


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